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The Alumni Hall of Fame shall be a system for honoring graduates of the District.  Henceforth, this document establishes this system to recognize graduates who distinguish themselves, after they have graduated, in their chosen field of work or profession; who receive meritorious distinction in the community, state or nation or who have dedicated themselves to outstanding community service.


General Requirements


1.      Graduates must fulfill one or more of the requirements of the Hall of Fame to be considered.


2.      In any given year as many as three graduates may be selected and so honored; no minimum is suggested.  In the initial year, as many inductees as the committee deems appropriate shall be approved.  It is entirely possible that a year may pass during which no graduate is named to the Hall of Fame.


3.      Nominees not selected in a particular year may be renominated.


4.      Those considered must have been graduated for a minimum of five years.


5.      The best qualified nominees will be selected for the District Hall of Fame without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex, military status or ancestry.


How Selected


1.      Annually, the Communications Supervisor/SuperintendentÕs designee shall convene a nominating committee composed of that administrator, two graduates, one Board member and one faculty member.  The committee shall meet and deliberate as many times as deemed necessary to reach a wise decision.  These meetings, nominating forms and resumes shall be confidential.


2.      Final selection shall be made by the nomination committee.  Each member shall have one vote cast by secret ballot.  For a nominee to be selected he/she must receive all five votes of the committee.


3.      The final decision of the nominating committee shall be announced at the September meeting of the District Board meeting during an induction ceremony at the BoardÕs initial meeting in September.


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4.      Graduates are so nominated by a form available in the high school or District office.  Nominations shall come from alumni, faculty or community members.  A nominee shall be asked to submit a resume of his/her accomplishments.




The Communications Supervisor/SuperintendentÕs designee shall be responsible for publicizing in the local media and school papers the availability of the award, its requirements and any relevant deadlines.




The Hall of Fame shall be located in the performing arts center entrance and foyer area of the Pickerington High School Central and Pickerington High School North.  Inductees who attended Pickerington High School prior to August of 2003 will be honored at the Pickerington High School Central location.  At such time a Pickerington High School North graduate is inducted into the Pickerington Local School District Alumni Hall of Fame, a Hall of Fame display will be installed in the performing arts center entrance and foyer area of Pickerington High School North.  Thereafter, inductees who have graduated from Pickerington High School North will be honored at the Pickerington High School North location.  The installation of the District Alumni Hall of Fame displays at both high schools will allow graduates of both schools to be enshrined in the high school building with which they are identified. 


(Note:  It will be spring of 2009 before the first Pickerington High School North graduates are eligible for the Alumni Hall of Fame). 


When Established


The Hall of Fame shall begin with the school year 1990-91.


How Financed


1.       It shall be the responsibility of the Pickerington High School Academic Boosters organization to underwrite expenses involved in purchasing the pictures, frames, etc., for the Hall of Fame.


2.       The administration shall see that pictures are displayed and shall maintain the care needed for this Hall.







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Adoption and Revision


1.       This Hall of Fame shall be adopted as policy by the Board before it becomes effective.


2.       Revisions of this Hall of Fame policy shall be presented to and adopted by the Board.



[Adoption date:  August 21, 1996]

[Re-adoption date:  March 10, 2003]

[Re-adoption date:  May 10, 2010]



































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