Une bande dessinée

Objective: To show that you understand and can use the vocabulary and grammar presented in Chapter 2.

1. You will create your own bande dessinée with a traveling theme. You will draw from the vocabulary at the end of Chapter 2 for your captions. You should include vocabulary from each of the following themes:
Asking for and giving directions
Expressing impatience
Reassuring someone
Expressing enthusiasm and boredom

2. DO NOT write the bande dessinée in English and then translate it. BEAUCOUP DE FAUTES are made this way and you would not acheive the objective of the project.

3. Your comic stripe must tell a story either humorous or serious with each frame logically advancing the story.

4. You may choose to draw your own illustrations or use those from a magazine or newspaper.

2. You will have a minimum of 10 frames. Each frame will have illustrations and captions.

3. All captions will be written in French and inside of speech bubbles to indicate who is talking. Each frame should have 3-5 sentences.

4. You must show that you can use object pronouns. Use at least one direct object pronoun (le, la les), one indirect object pronoun (lui, leur) and one other object pronoun (y or en).

5. All work must be neat and legible. Be sure to double check your grammar, spelling and punctuation.